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Past USA Icons - No longer made in the USA

It seems that as we grow and watch the world change, it is exactly that, which happens.  For years as a child, it was branded into my mind to buy USA products if possible, and many of the things I came to love were in fact made in America.  My baseball glove was made in the USA, my tennis shoes were made in the USA (until I started having to have Nike).  My jeans and toys were made in the USA as well. 

Many efforts to contact companies regarding their policies on keeping products made in the USA come up fruitless.  It seems that many companies that are major names in the USA, don't want to promote the fact that their products are in fact made overseas, and not by American citizens. is live!!
September 11, 2001, the United States of America took a hard blow, and has changed everyone's outlook on life.   The financial crisis of 2008 thru 2010 continues to burden US Citizens. is born on September 11, 2010 to promote companies and products Made in the USA, employing US taxpaying citizens, keeping American money in the USA.

Radio Flyer Red Wagons - Production moved to China in 2004.

EtchaSketch - Production moved to China 2000

Levis Straus Jeans - Moved to Haiti and Asia 2003

Barbie Doll - Fisher Price moved from US production

Cannondale Bicycles - Production moved to China in 2008, Schwinn and Roadmaster parts also moved to China in 2008

Adidas Pro Uniforms - Moved to Thailand in 2009

Brachs Candy - Moved to Mexico in 2001

Converse Tennis Shoes - Sold to Nike, then moved in 2003 from the US

IBM Pc's - Lenova purchased and moved to China in 2004

Craftsmen and Stanley Tools were fined in 2006 for not meeting "Made in the USA" criteria

Rawlings Baseballs are made in Costa Rica since 1990, however they do use USA hides, cores and yarn.

Stratocaster Guitars are made in Enseneda, Mexico, however you can buy the same guitar in a USA Made version for $600 more

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