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 Let's Do Our Part To Recycle American Dollars is a community based social network forum to help bring awareness to the companies that are indeed providing products that meet the FTC requirements of hosting the Made in the USA label.  This community is to discuss companies and the importance of purchasing products that are made in the USA. encourages individuals, companies and government agencies to recycle their money, by buying products and services made in the USA, thus keeping their US dollars in the hands of US citizens. We need to invest in America and American companies. is a social network forum dedicated to promote discussions on American made products, American based companies and political issues affecting Americans and their livelihood.  We want to keep American dollars in America, so that Americans can get back to work, thus stimulating the economy.   Keeping American dollars in America by buying American made products is fundamental to rejuvenate the U.S. economy. is owned by a US business, operated by taxpaying US citizens. is FREE for all to use, and encourages companies to interact with members in the forum sharing their goals to make products that meet the Made In The USA FTC criteria. only sells advertising to companies wanting to reach the members and viewers of the social network forum.   The advertising companies may make products in the USA, as well as products that cannot meet the FTC criteria for Made in the USA. will encourage these advertising companies to only promote the products which can truly host the label "Made in the USA". has no political connection to any political party, and will remain neutral, and not force any one side or political belief on its social network.   Political parties are invited to interact with the members of the social network forum in a civil manner, but only providing facts, and discussing the goals of their parties promoting issues associated with keeping jobs in the USA.

Founder/CEO - Bio - Joel Sommer

I grew up on a small farm in the Midwest, and still help my father on the farm.  He is retired from the electrical contracting business, but still farms to keep with the American way of life.
Unloading soybeans into our old grain truck

This is a photo of my 7 year old cousin Michael.
What kind of career choices are we going to be leaving my cousin Michael? 

He doesn't yet understand the importance of jobs in the USA, but what kind of world will we leave him in just fifteen years?  What kinds of jobs will be in the United States?  I want to make sure that Michael has a lot of options after schooling in whichever career path he chooses.

Who should join the forum?
- US Citizens who cares about the US economy and making a difference by buying US made products.
- US manufacturing alliances, associations, groups, societies, and more that promote US manufacturing
- Media personnel who care about promoting products Made in the USA.
- US manufacturers of US made products

Why join the forum?
- Promote the Made in the USA drive, to help the US economy and your fellow neighbor
- Encourage others to share your enthusiasm and make it a priority to buy US made products.
- Make your voice be heard on a worldwide platform
- Many small groups on linkedin, yahoo, google, msn, facebook, etc are great to have.  However if all the groups would use the forum together, we'd have a much larger voice and resouses at our hands.  Groups, etc are encouraged to list their groups, alliances, etc in the forum with links back to their private pages, and what they're about.

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