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 Let's Do Our Part To Recycle American Dollars is THE leading place to keep up to date for your most current news, topics, blogs and discussions on products, industry, manufacturing, politics and more pertaining to Made in the USA. 

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Why spend all day looking for information all over the internet or waiting for posts in the various small groups when you can find all the discussions, news and information here?

K is focused on promoting discussions on best ways to keep American dollars and jobs in the United States.  Please visit the discussion forum and find a topic or thread that is of interest to you and please be sure to share your thoughts. encourages companies making products & services in the USA to participate and share their concerns and business goals, and their value on the American worker and dollar.

Is it possible to live a life where only US made items are consumed or purchased,  just imagine if it was.   There is the possibility or probability that our items will cost more, but then again, we'd hopefully be putting more dollars into the pockets of fellow American citizens.

Here are just a few of the companies that come to mind when thinking of USA Made products:  Caterpillar, John Deere, Ford, Winnebago, 3M, Arctic Cat, Polaris Industries, Ruger, Viking Appliances....  Visit the discussion forum to learn more about their products and if they qualify for the Made in the USA badge.

View this list of past iconic products
that made you think of the USA, when you saw or used them.   Its interesting to learn how some of our American heritage or icons have left by the wayside, only to silently go to foreign lands.

View the list of current iconic products still Made in the USA here.  You may be surprised as to how many things are still made in the USA.

Cars Without Borders-Does Made in the USA Matter any More?

25 American Products That Rely on Huge Protective Tariffs to Survive

Whirlpool announces new Tennessee Plant

Is it possible to be an all American company?

Census: Americans hit hard by downturn.

Solar Struggles in US Economy

Manufacturers launch campaign opposing higher energy taxes

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The Gross National Debt is live!!
September 11, 2001, the United States of America took a hard blow, and has changed everyone's outlook on life.   The financial crisis of 2008 thru 2010 continues to burden US Citizens. is born on September 11, 2010 to promote companies and products Made in the USA, employing US taxpaying citizens, keeping American money in the USA.

Made in America Rules are Confusing
Here is the full definition from the FTC on what companies must adhere to in order to wear the "Made in the USA" badge.

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